Any other 100lb+ weight loss goal?

Jun 11th '13 15:50 PM
I started with a massive 100lb goal loss, which would put me at 11st 10 at the end (Gonna see how I feel about losing more once I reach that goal)

It's hard to admit to yourself that you have that much weight to lose, and I actually can't imagine what I'm gonna look like at that weight...I've never been that slim in my adult life! I LOVE looking at other people's before & afters, either on MFP or Google. I've kinda accepted I have to do it now, and it helps that the scale is slowly going down

How do you plan to stay focused if you have a massive weight loss goal?
Jun 11th '13 16:23 PM
I started out at 238lb and my goal weight is 154lb at the moment but my ultimate would be 147lb so it's not far off.
Jun 11th '13 16:34 PM
You're doing great! How are you planning on losing it? Do you find it daunting to have that much to lose or do you feel pretty focused just now?
Jun 11th '13 16:47 PM
Complacent, I lost this in about 2 months and then ever since have maintained constantly. I'm glad it doesn't pile back on but I really need to lose it. My shopping comes this evening and my partner is on a diet too so no corrupting me. That's our problem we are always in the zone at different times and mess each others diet up by ordering in etc. I'm so not in it at the moment but he is so gunna force myself. I have V Festival coming up in August and have no idea what I'm going to wear as I will need to wear black tights and if the weather is nice, I'll be roasting! Not gunna do big mad goals. Just want to lose 1 stone and get into the stone bracket down and I'll feel satisfied that I've tried and feel a bit better in what ever I put on.

I can't do any exercising though for now, I'm currently off work with a bad back and can barely move.
Jun 11th '13 16:52 PM
Sorry to hear about your back, that must really be frustrating.

Yeah it's taken me since January to lose 17lbs which is a long time, but I just have to keep at it. I wish it would drop off quicker, and I'm worried about hitting some sort of plateau at some point too

I basically live in black tights, so I feel your pain. Could you not wear leggins instead?
Jun 11th '13 16:59 PM
Me Ideally (I can dream) I'd like to lose 145.5lb (10st 5.5lb) That would take me to 12st. Still a long way to go tho. Going to see how my journey goes, and if its a struggle i wouldnt be sad at maintaining anywhere under 15st because ts far better than the 22+st i used to be.
We'll get there! x
Jun 11th '13 21:55 PM
4st is an absolutely fantastic loss tho, you should be so proud. I'm like u, i would be just happy to get to pre-marriage (think i was 14/15st) but gonna just try for the extra just to see if i can.

You're right, we will xxx