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Anyone tried L-Tyrosine or Curvelle?

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Feb 5th '15, 11:40 AM  
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Anyone tried L-Tyrosine or Curvelle?

Hi was wondering if anyone had come across these products?

Read an article in New Scientist on Addiction and one of the things mentioned was that addicts have a low amount of this L_Tyrosine. A short search on Amazon revealed it was available as a food supplement for countering fatigue. I am hoping this removes that burned out kind of feeling but am yet to start taking.

In my search for the magic fat loss pill Curvelle seemed to have everything bar the kitchen sink in it. Rasberry keytones, natural caffine source etc.. I have taken a product called MX-LS7 by the same company and did get good results. I know Curvelle is aimed at women but I figure that means they are more careful with the stimulant content as generally smaller body mass. Bought myself 3 tubs of these but again been chopping and changing diet so much not really give them a go.
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