Just dug out my old measurements!

Sep 3rd '13 08:37 AM
Looking at them, I've technically been maintaining since November last year it's really made me wonder why on earth I've spent the last 10m trying to lose more! I wish I'd looked at them sooner tbh, cos I could have saved myself a whole load of effort

It has proved to me though that dieting isn't going to get me anywhere now, I've hit my body's ideal weight. So the mission now is to keep eating healthily, but allowing myself treats and exercising to try and tone up! Any weightloss byproduct of that is just a bonus

Seriously though, why have I spent the last 10m constantly yoyoing trying to lose the same few lbs?!
Sep 3rd '13 10:42 AM
Having the same kinda problem Fed up with eating sensibly and not losing anything (and I am really trying). Did kinda spit my dummy out the other day saying 'That's it I don't give a shit anymore, I'm gonna get fat and just get used to it!'

Makes me wonder if I hadn't "tried" what kinda weight I would be by now
Sep 3rd '13 11:21 AM
god had I not tried I'd have been huge by now! My weight was creeping up rather too quickly for my liking! I was going to a fat club thru surestart and the woman didn't log my final weight it went up every bloody week!

I suppose there just comes a point where dieting stops working and the exercise has to take over! To be fair, it's not like I actually need to lose any more, my bmi's healthy and whatnot, I just want to lose more