3 weeks

Aug 7th '16 19:08 PM
3 weeks into my healthy eating plan. I feel better, and my mood has increased. Just a bit discouraged by the slow rate. I'm male, and today I weigh 20stone1lb. The past 3 weeks i've lost 7lb. I won't lie, i feel a bit meh at the rate of it tbh. As i said, i'm a heavy bloke and they say you lose weight faster if you're heavier. I measured myself, and i've lost 2 inches of my waist, and half an inch off neck and chest. I do think it's good...just wish it was a bit more. I was sort of expecting by previous weight loss to have lost a stone or so in a month. Like i haven't weighed myself from last Saturday and today I weighed myself and lost .6 of lb. It's just seems a bit slow.
Jan 17th '17 17:24 PM
How you getting on blueeyes?

Jan 17th '17 19:06 PM
Hey, it's been nearly 6 months now and i've lost nearly 3.5 stone!

Slow at the start but it started to even out. There was a few weeks where I didn't lose anything - then others where I lost 3lb a week.

Doing good so far. Want another 2.5 stone off to see how I feel.
Jan 18th '17 00:32 AM
That's an amazing loss! Well done!! :happy dance:

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Jan 24th '18 11:23 AM
Very well done Blueeyes.