Are you maintainers finding it hard?

Jul 9th '13 23:37 PM
I feel like I will always be a yo-yo 'er.

I get very close then go off the rails Is maintaining hard work? Xx
Jul 9th '13 23:42 PM
I'm the same as you I was 1lb away from my original goal, set my goal lower and then life got in the way and it all went wrong! I swear since I hit 9st about 6m ago I've just yo-yo'd between 9 and 9st5! I get close and then put it back on! I'm hoping when I eventually break the 9s it'll be easier, but I'm struggling to get there!
Jul 9th '13 23:50 PM
I can't break the 10's My goal is roughly 9-9.5st the lowest I've got to was at Easter. I got to 10st 4.4 and then easter screwed me over and the lowest I've been is 10st6 since. Weighed in 10st 11 Monday I just need to eat healthy for more than 4 days. I do well Mon-Thursday and then friday-Sunday I'm pathetic. Need to break this cycle this weekend or I'm in danger of losing my hard work xx
Jul 10th '13 08:29 AM
I'm usually like that, but ATM I'm eating crap constantly. What doesn't help is that with me being veggie, it's so easy for me to miss a lot of nutrients and then I feel worse for it! And the cycle goes on! I need to meal plan!
Jul 10th '13 11:49 AM
I think with being smaller (height) every single lb shows
Jul 10th '13 12:27 PM
It really does I'm 5'3 and it's really notivable! Probably as well cos I'm between an 8 and 10, so when I put on a couple of lbs, my 8s dont fit properly and I look and feel really crap!
Jul 10th '13 12:42 PM
Yep I'm the same height so you know how 10.7st feels at our height. What weight are you aiming for PP? Xx
Jul 10th '13 16:21 PM
I was only 5'1 at that weight lol! But yea I know how it feels! I think I'm aiming for 8.5, but I dunno. My original aim was 9, but I feel like I want to lose more, although tbh I probs just need to tone!
Jul 11th '13 19:56 PM
I hate it when I maintain and don't want to be doing that
Jul 12th '13 10:29 AM
i wonder sometimes if to maintain you king of have to weight yourself more often to see if you packing on the pounds or not ?