This time 4 years ago...

Nov 28th '13 21:08 PM
I had a very new baby and was over 4 stone heavier than I am now I was worried it may have been a fluke of the scales the other day, but it's held despite af showing and I'm officially at target

I've never really counted my pregnant weight as my highest weight cos I lost it quickly after birth, but I was over 13 stone after giving birth and am now down to 8stone13 I never thought I'd make it, but I have! And I feel awesome for it, its only 1lb lower than what I've been maintaining at for weeks, but it feels so different psychologically!
Nov 29th '13 11:05 AM
You have done so well and worked so hard! You should be proud of yourself and how far you've come. Well done!
Nov 29th '13 16:56 PM
You have totally worked at it and it shows in your avatar image. For me I had no issues right after my babies were born, it was into year 2 and 3 that really messed me up.
Nov 29th '13 17:17 PM
Congratulations and great job! I'm not a woman so I can't possibly know how hard having a child is on your body. But I'll definitely take your word for it!

Glad that you have made so much progress and we are all going to keep encouraging you on here!
Nov 29th '13 17:28 PM
Thanks guys! Avidian, it was about a year after my youngest was born it all went to pot for me! They're very close in age and 2 toddlers meant no time to cook so I ate so much rubbish! It's just working on the toning now really, I make huge babies (one of them was nearly 10lb!) and at 5'1 as I was then, they really, really took their toll!
Dec 12th '13 18:39 PM
Ten pounds?! That is a huge baby!

It helps me to read these success stories. I hope to get there someday soon. I'm also not very tall and every extra pound really shows. Forty extra pounds on someone small is almost like a hundred extra pounds on someone tall.