Atkins diary

Oct 7th '13 19:39 PM
As 1 for me induction phase not my first time doing it but it works for me, just need to get over the first few days xx
Oct 7th '13 21:50 PM
What's your meal plans for tomorrow - Friday then?

Good luck Hun x
Oct 8th '13 08:33 AM
Breakfast tomato and cheese omelette
Lunch ham salad
Dinner meat with cheesy cauliflower and broccoli

Black coffee, sf squash and peppermint tea

Weighed 10st 11.8 yesterday
Today 10st 9

Hoping for 8-10lbs off in the first 2 weeks as I'll get the biggest loss in those 2 weeks but then hoping for another 6-8lbs in the coming 4 weeks snd thats me happy for xmas and on target
Oct 8th '13 09:16 AM
Just changed the title and will update daily. I got a few arm aches last night so expecting more today :/ going to power through as I know I will get good results and if I stick at it I'll be good by xmas. Xx
Oct 8th '13 10:48 AM
So are you allowed coffee milk and sugar? Lol I can't do without that

Is there a reason for peppermint tea? X
Oct 8th '13 11:25 AM
Black coffee...but thats what I drink. You're allowed sweetener and cream but no milk for first 2 weeks during induction stage.

On 2nd pint of plain water. Waiting for 'induction flu' to kick in I've got abit of a headache and a few aches but it'll get worse than this

Feel better already in a way. Its like a detox to me xx
Oct 8th '13 11:27 AM
Oh peppermint tea is good for sleep and relaxation and anyone with tummy probs (I have ibs and had ulcers) and I got sick of coffee yesterday
Oct 8th '13 12:06 PM
Good luck Hun! I always want to try Atkins, but I dunno if I could hack it it's the coffee thing, I need milk at least! Could you have dairy alternatives?
Oct 8th '13 13:42 PM
Think there is something...possibly unsweetened soya. Once you get to day 4-5 its really easy and no cravings for nothing. I found it great for pmt. It was great for the mood plus no weight changes at totm

Lunch was tuna salad today x

Another pint of squash too x
Oct 8th '13 13:54 PM
I'm really considering it now! I'm a nightmare, one minute I'm adamant I'm staying in maintain and the next I'm considering diets!