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A lot of people get sick on this diet

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Jun 23rd '15, 14:19 PM  
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Listened to a lecture available on The Great Courses about health and nutrition by Dr Anthony A. Goodman. He talks about the dangers of low carb dieting and how it makes people feel sick. Basically carbs are a clean burn fuel and stored fat is a dirty burn producing byproducts in the system. In states of Ketosis? I think was called where you are constantly burning fats you can acidify the body causing damage to internal organs and end up in a state similar to a diabetic who has not got insulin. Sadly I was listening in my car so not actively studied all the bio stuff but remember he made a convincing case for people on low carb to be very careful.
Nov 1st '15, 12:55 PM  
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Add some carbs in your diet
Nov 2nd '15, 12:18 PM  
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There is just so much conflicting info out there for and against anything you want to do!

I'm not following this plan neither am I on a 'diet' now but I am none to low wheat and grains for fat burning!
Feb 17th '16, 21:27 PM  
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i could never cut out pasta!
Sep 25th '16, 09:06 AM  
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I would never try this diet. It can cause a lot of health problems.
Dec 16th '17, 20:54 PM  
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I am trying low carb-but eating veggies ( not sweetcorn or root veg) and bought some coconut flour to cook with xxx
Apr 28th '18, 16:11 PM  
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Keep it up!
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