How often do you weigh yourself?

Aug 30th '13 16:09 PM
I know some people like to weigh themselves daily, but I get too frustrated to do that because it fluctuates so much from day to day with water weight gained and lost. I try to weigh in no more than once or twice a week.
Aug 30th '13 16:11 PM
I weight mostly every morning if i remember, but my saturday weigh in is the one that counts, bacause i can fluctuate so much during the week!
Aug 30th '13 16:23 PM
I don't like to weight every day but find myself doing it after I get out the shower
Aug 30th '13 16:26 PM
I weigh most days even though I try not to! It's just habit to get on the scales before I get in the shower! I only count Fridays though!
Aug 30th '13 16:35 PM
Yeh, I think I should start doing it before I get in the shower (rather than out)... pretty sure my skin absorbs water (+ wet hair etc) and it's making me heavier
Aug 30th '13 17:21 PM
I weigh myself about every other day before I shower or have my coffee. I usually just count the Monday weigh-in as the one that matters for the week.
Aug 30th '13 18:36 PM
SC! That's actually why I do it before the shower, cos my hair holds a lot of water! Not quite sure that excuse works as well for you though
Aug 30th '13 18:37 PM
Erm, why don't we have the muaha smilie yet?!
Aug 30th '13 20:03 PM
I stick with one weigh day a week, anything sooner than that bums me out since I fluctuate a good bit due to water (I sometimes drink too much of it). If I waited any less than a week I would start to slack and get off pace.
Aug 30th '13 20:08 PM
I have heard all the advice about not getting on the scales too often, but I can't help myself. I absolutely have to weigh myself as soon as I get up in the morning, before I eat or drink anything! I'm sure that I'm pounds heavier as soon as I've drunk my first cup of coffee though.