What's for tea tonight?!

Jan 26th '15 16:32 PM
spaghetti bolognese
Jan 27th '15 09:03 AM
Pasta bolognese.
Jan 27th '15 12:36 PM
Yesterday we did main meal lunch which was sweet chilli stir-fry with rice noodle!

Today I have pulled slow cooker gammon, poached egg, rocket leaves and sliced vine tomatoes served on a wholemeal muffin served with sweet potato chips
Jan 28th '15 17:50 PM
Peppered steak with pasta in a carbonara sauce with green beans.
Jan 29th '15 18:34 PM
Beef casserole.
Jan 30th '15 11:02 AM
Cottage pie with sweet potato.
Jan 30th '15 14:03 PM
I have supermarket beef in black bean sauce and some micro veg and rice. Yum. Then I remembered on Monday I made some veg soup, with cabbage and onion, and stuck it in my fridge which I have not opened since. It's going to stink
Jan 31st '15 11:17 AM
Pasta bolognese.
Feb 2nd '15 08:34 AM
First day back on it and surprise surprise I am having my super speedy weight loss Chilli Con Carne with a pile of salad, some fat free fromage frais and my hea of grated cheese. YUM!
Feb 2nd '15 09:12 AM
Pasta bolognese, with cheese if I get the chance to buy some today!