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Cold weather brrrr

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Nov 29th '16, 14:48 PM  
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Cold weather brrrr

I hate the cold. My house seems super cold this last couple of days.... yesterday I got to 4pm ish and realised I'd spent the entire day from the school run in my wool hat including when I was sat at the desk working!

Think I need some super thick lounge socks! Debenhams sell some gorgeous ones that look super warm!

Do you mind the colder weather?
Nov 29th '16, 16:37 PM  
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I've just had this conversation with someone at work lol

I quite like the cold, but I like to be able to snuggle into some warm fluffy pj's and my dressing gown at night
It gets annoying at work when I can't feel my fingers or toes, but that can happen in summer (I'm a very strange person )

As much as I enjoy a beach holiday, I don't like it when it gets too warm. I always get heat rash, and when I can't cool down I get a little stressed and irritable... which makes the heat rash worse
If there's no pool to jump in to, I don't want hot weather
Nov 30th '16, 21:16 PM  
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It is freezing! The mornings are the worst when it's so icy!
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