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Jul 21st '15, 13:03 PM  
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Bonsai - Off Topic

My hubby and girls bought me a bonsai from Asda (not the best source in the world) I have had one in the past, which died... so now the net has boomed since then. I sought advice.

First thing was to remove it from it's ceramic pot (not a bonsai pot), and put it in the garden (I was a bit sad at this as meant I wouldn't get to see it indoors where I thought it would live). But after putting it out front it seemed to be dying.. then I realised it had too much sun. So cut it back (the dead leaves / shoots) and popped it on a retaining wall by a shaded area of the garden in which I grow ferns.

It's clearly loving it and I'm glad to say my bonsai is doing well!

it is evergreen and needs to come in for winter - so I will get to see it indoors which will be nice. And repotting time is feb/march time when it'll go into free draining soil and a proper pot.

Thought I'd share, to see if there are any other bonsai growers on the board? Also to say, if at first you don't succeed.. get advice and try again! Applies to our weight loss journey as well as many area's of life eh!

Here is my tree:

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