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Jul 9th '15, 17:44 PM  
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How to get back into it

Althou I was ill for 6 months I seem to sort of kept going. I was off work from Jan to Apr.Obviously I didn't do as much exercising as before I was ill but now I'm 99% I can't get motivated to do anything. My hearts not in anything. I start off well but then a couple of days later I just say sod it.I use to enjoy cooking but I can't be bothered.I eat the same things week in week out.

Like today. I've sat around all morning. I did go out for 10 mins and do some gardening,went for a 1.4 mile walk which is nothing compared to what i use to do but the rest of the time I've been sat down.
I go and do 2 hours cleaning only because I need the money. If I didn't I wouldn't go.

I need to find my mojo.
Jul 9th '15, 18:15 PM  
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Sorry you're struggling to find your mojo. It must be hard to get back into the swing of things after you've been unwell.
Maybe you could batch cook a load of healthy meals and freeze them so that you have something healthy ready made to hand when you don't feel like cooking. Go easy on yourself, you will get back into it
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