Whats everyone up to today?

Jun 1st '15 15:18 PM
Work all day!

Then Metafit at 19:45 - 20:15 followed by a wee rest in the Jaccuzzi
Jun 1st '15 18:31 PM
Oh whats Metafit? I could do with having a jacuzzi right now. I clean at a school and for some reason the last 2 terms when there are exams on the kids go wild and it's hard work.
Jun 1st '15 18:50 PM
Took my LO to nursery this morning and then went back to bed. I am so tired at the moment.
This afternoon we went for a walk around the shopping centre and then went to visit my father in law.

Jun 2nd '15 07:50 AM
Holistic this morning then work this afternoon.
Jun 2nd '15 08:14 AM
Probably staying in as it is raining. Will try to get to a toddler group in the afternoon. Need to start sorting the spare room out at some point as it's a right mess!
Jun 2nd '15 13:26 PM
Off to work soon.
Jun 3rd '15 19:32 PM
Only went to work for 2 hours. Rest of day just been pottering around.
Jun 3rd '15 19:36 PM
Took LO to nursery this morning. Went food shopping this afternoon.
Jun 4th '15 12:11 PM
Feeling better today so done some housework,been for a walk. Not long before I go to work.
Jun 5th '15 13:46 PM
This week I haven't been up to much I feel quite lazy! but yesterday I went exploring a little side road near my house I didn't think you could really go down to find it would be a nice light running route for some sprints with a hill and some nice scenery down by a quiet part of the beach that also has a cycle path.

Today it was kids to school, post office, quite fresh fruit shop at aldi and work as well as online with you guys. Not very exciting ...