Fear of the gym?

Jul 10th '13 10:52 AM
Many of us do not go or enroll at a gym because they fear that other will judge them or will not know how to use the machines etc...

So are you scare and Why ? Where you scare but you got over it and enroll and now feel so much better for doing so ?

Any tips anyone wants to share to help other overcome the Fear of the gym ?

i will said i believe gyms can be intimidating but once you noticed that most of the people in there are there do accomplish exactly the same thing as you are you will notice they actually not " really looking at you "
Jul 10th '13 13:13 PM
Me! Id love to join and have looked it up but my anxiety is bad atm. I did join 4 yrs ago and lasted a couple of months. But i hated the girls who showed off to the instructors and never sweat a drop!
And then there is that fear of not knowing the machines and looing like an idiot next to hulk hogan who could prob lift me.

And then in the changing rooms the women walking around naked and theres me trying to hide my fat body and then run off home to shower!!

Deep breath!!

It really is an intimidating place!

And then theres classes, who wants to be the fattest and sweatiest at the back of the class? thats talked about at the end.

Brave I am not!!
Jul 11th '13 02:36 AM
I'm gradually getting more confident in the gym, but it's taken a lot of time...I HATE the thought of anyone watching me. I'm very very sweaty during my workouts (i wipe down ever machine meticulously after every use though) and get very red in the face, and my hair goes frizzy even if it's tied up! But in a way that makes me proud because it proves to me that I'm working my hardest, and surely anyone looking on can see that too!

As for the changing rooms, I don't bother with them...If I happen to be in normal clothes I'll change in the toilet cubicle.

Jul 11th '13 05:45 AM
i wonder if men feel the same way in there ...

For my part i never gave a crap what people think ! lol i guess i was never shy either so maybe that help a little . But i know for some it takes a lot of courage to go into a new environment etc...and i guess at the gym someone could feel very "expose " in there .
Jul 11th '13 23:01 PM
I didn't want to go to the gym because I didn't want people to stare at me, was a bit like that at first but now I think a lot of people stare because I like to do more weights down in the "man" end lol
Jul 12th '13 09:52 AM
And coz your flippin gorgeous Holly id stare if i was in your gym

Jul 17th '13 19:30 PM
^ lol

I have total anxiety of too many people around me especially if I don't know them and well tbh I suffer anxiety quite a lot and I am totally shocked that I joined up and more so the fact it's 3 months down the line and I'm still there. The gym I go to isn't love myself type place with look at me so that probably made it a good choice Really nice place!