What's everyone doing today?!

Jul 9th '13 11:43 AM
I'm doing housework this morning :yawn: I got told off for taking the piss yesterday cos bar doing the pots, I sat out in the sun all day may mow the lawn later!

What's everyone else's plans with the beautiful weather?!
Jul 9th '13 12:03 PM
Stuck in the office Depending on how busy it is I may sneak out the side door and catch some rays Must remember to bring my laptop in tomorrow and then I may just work outside

Gonna rush home and try and get the last of the sun before it goes down :/

At least it you do the lawn you nail two birds with one stone (sun and chores )
Jul 9th '13 12:20 PM
Working this afternoon!! Yawn
Jul 9th '13 12:24 PM
Sun bathing!!! Done all my jobs so now me and Charlie can go in the garden!
Jul 9th '13 12:42 PM
At work Will be in the garden later though with a nice large glass or DIET wine
Jul 9th '13 13:29 PM
Eating yoghurt

Then going to the park opposite the flat for a couple of hours. Nothing too crazy...
Jul 9th '13 13:54 PM
Done some housework, took LO to nursery so going to have some dinner before going for a nice walk in the park with my mum. It's really lovely outside
Jul 9th '13 14:19 PM
D'ya reckon cleaning the bathrooms, putting washing away, pots, quick tidy, couple of loads of washing on and lawn mowing counts as enough housework?!

I love that we can all get outside ATM, even if it is only after work! We bought one of those swinging hammock things the other day and it's bliss! Plus the canopy keeps your head cool! I'd feel a right twat walking around in my straw hat from holiday lol!
Jul 9th '13 14:38 PM
I took Holly to a toddler group this morning which was held outside. She had so much fun At the moment shes napping on me and I'm catching up on this morning's Jezza

This afternoon we will be playing in the paddling pool again once my husband gets in from work

Jul 9th '13 14:40 PM
Just in, had the kids in the pool all morning Far too hot now so we've had lunch, and I've told them mummy now has to actually do something! All I've done is kitchen and dishes so need to change that! Then back out later, kids into pool again. Just wondering about dinner.....