July 2013 food inspiration - What's on the menu?

Jul 2nd '13 18:18 PM
Yesterday we had steak, SW chips and salad NOM!

Today chicken, mash, steam veg and gravy
Jul 2nd '13 18:48 PM
tonight is grilled pork chop, new potatoes, corn on the cob & salad with a fat free yogurt & mint dressing

slimming world eton mess for dessert....whole meal for 4.5 syns
Jul 2nd '13 19:06 PM
I'm doing roasties with one cal spray instead of mash
Jul 2nd '13 19:08 PM
The dressing sounds yum gonnabeslim ... How do you make it up?

Roasties will do
Jul 2nd '13 20:10 PM
Was nice

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Jul 2nd '13 20:38 PM
Steak salad here which was lovely. Others had pasta bake

Tomorrow is beef stew with mustard mash and cabbage - really looking forward to that!
Jul 2nd '13 20:40 PM
Oh wow that looks lush. What diet are you following?
Jul 2nd '13 22:43 PM
Nibbler, talk me through mustard mash Sounds yum with cabbage and stew
Jul 2nd '13 22:45 PM
I had chicken curry and rice this evening. It was a very low calorie curry paste (250 calories for a massive pot, minus chicken) and was yummy
Jul 3rd '13 21:15 PM
Chicken salad, cheesy coleslaw and baby potatoes tonight

2nd night my dinner was made for me too ... Wonder if I can get a third night