Anyone started on Xmas shopping?

Aug 25th '14 10:38 AM
I'm almost finished my 3 little ones apart from a few things each and have started on my older girls. Nothing for anyone else :/
Aug 25th '14 12:14 PM
I wish I was as organised as you! I haven't started yet and have no idea of what to get my LO!
Aug 25th '14 20:03 PM
Having 6 gets you organised...organised chaos I like to call it

What age is your lo Bev?
Aug 25th '14 21:38 PM
nope! I really don't start before December ! lol and plus i guess because we have the kids birthday before too..sept 28th , October 26 and December 5th we have to buy gifts for that before xmas!

Also i guess here we celebrate Thanksgiving at the end of November and usually xmas shopping start after that
Aug 25th '14 21:57 PM
Wow 6 kids! You must be super busy!

My LO is 2.5 years, I love this age!

Sep 24th '14 21:18 PM
Wowsers go you! I'm usually half on the ball but not this year going to do a mad one to catch up next month ....
Nov 26th '14 14:35 PM
I am very behind on my shopping, I am going shopping next week when I hope to finish the most of it. I've made a list anyway which will help.

Belle xx