Xmas 2013

Jul 1st '13 10:29 AM
I'm liable to get banned for this thread But we're now into july so it's officially pre-xmas in my eyes!

Has anyone started shopping?
Jul 1st '13 10:39 AM
No I haven't started yet, but I already have ideas in mind!
Jul 1st '13 10:40 AM
Funny, I was just thinking about Christmas, but I think it's because adverts are deliberately trying to implant subliminal messages ... I caught a glimps of Co-ops advert on TV and they had 'It's the most wonder time of the year' (Andy Williams song) in the background. What the...! Too early for xmas songs
Jul 1st '13 10:48 AM
Saw that I'm very organised but spending the rest of the summer saving so I can get properly started once the kids go back to school!
Jul 1st '13 12:17 PM
I don't think I've ever bought a Christmas present before December.

Tell a lie. I bought a Wii for charls on the day it was released (only because I knew there was a high demand for them).

Given up on buying (spontaneous) presents... I usually get told what to buy
Jul 1st '13 12:42 PM
The coop ad has blossom falling that looks like snow doesn't it?! I genuinely crapped my pants thinking I'd been in a coma or something and woken up in the exact same spot on the sofa a few months later

Far too early to be thinking about Xmas yet! Got my birthday and OHs to get through before summers out! And then nov has my sisters 21st and both LOs birthdays! Next baby will be a summer baby!

OH wants to get the girls innotabs, that's as far as our discussions on presents have gone! I'm still not sure about them though!
Jul 1st '13 12:48 PM
What age are your girls hun? My little man will be 3 and think he's a young 3 iykwim? X
Jul 1st '13 13:01 PM
Unbelievable ... That's all lol
Jul 1st '13 13:58 PM

Jul 1st '13 14:12 PM
wobbs! M they'll be 4 and 5 the problem is E's still trashing and eating everything in sight *roll* we had a lovely conversation the other day they started off with "mummy, smell my breath, does it smell of buttons?" so I really struggle buying toys cos she'll either eat or break them!