Jun 30th '13 22:08 PM
Anybody going to or have been to any festivals this year?

I'm going to Wireless in 2 weeks and soooooo excited!!
Jun 30th '13 22:10 PM
Only matthew street i think! Altho im not sure.if.it's been called something else this year, but looking forwRd to it nontheless

would LOVE to go to a proper festival tho

Jun 30th '13 22:18 PM
My sister's at glasto *huffs* I've wanted to go since forever, but I was always told I wasn't allowed til i was 18! Summer I turned 18 I went abroad and was bloody preg the next year!

I really want to go to truckfest, we went last year and whilst it was geeky it was awesome!
Jun 30th '13 22:25 PM
Ooh exciting, great line up at wireless!

I want to go Glastonbury after seeing it this weekend!
Jul 1st '13 20:48 PM
Some of the coverage looked great but its not really my kinda music

I can't wait to see Jay Z, he's really the reason that swayed me into going, I'm prob never goin to get to see him live again before he retires!!
Jul 2nd '13 18:14 PM
I've never been to one
Jul 4th '13 19:33 PM
I've never been to a festival, but would LOVE to go to Glastonbury
Jul 5th '13 07:34 AM
My OH pointed out that I wouldn't be able to handle glasto, I freaked out on the beach cos I had sand on me and I won't do gardening in case I get dirty hands! So I'd totally freak in a muddy field
Jul 17th '13 18:41 PM
I'm going to V Festival next month..only ever been to Creamfields but never slept over.