Body is so sore!

Aug 3rd '14 20:50 PM
We went to the Luke Bryan concert on Friday night. It was so much fun. The only problem was that I stood the entire time (about 3 hours) and danced. I love dancing and I love singing. The problem was the floor was concrete! That is a killer on your back!
Aug 3rd '14 21:09 PM
It sounds like you had a great time and it was a real workout!
Hope you're feeling less sore soon!

Aug 4th '14 16:08 PM
I think sometimes to enjoy life we torture ourselves a little bit and it sounds like that is what you did. I remember when we went to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra it was great but the seating was terrible. We had metal chairs which were okay, but there was no cushion on any part of the seat so I was sore for a few days after it too.
Aug 11th '14 18:01 PM
Sounds like pain worth it haha hope the pain has eased off for you!