Favourite BBQ foods?

Jul 29th '14 19:25 PM
What is everyones favourite BBQ foods, good or naughty

I love BBQ steaks well done with some tomatoes on side I also love potato salad.
Jul 29th '14 19:37 PM
I love BBQ foods! My favourites are burgers with relish on and BBQ steaks. My father in law does the best BBQs and I always love going to them and eating too much!
Jul 29th '14 20:09 PM
Ohh steaks are the best!! but i actually love everything;-) Veggies, sausages, burgers;-)
Jul 29th '14 21:40 PM
I love BBQ chicken and I love the crispy skin and pork chops well done ... All BBQs have to have cheesy coleslaw from sainsburys it's the best!
Jul 30th '14 20:15 PM
Spare ribs. There's nothing better. I do love a good Carolina burger, too. I never would have thought to mix chili and coleslaw before I moved down here, but now I won't eat my burgers any other way.
Jul 30th '14 21:44 PM
Chilli spices or fresh?