Flabelos & DIY detox wraps

Jul 15th '14 12:36 PM
Wasn't sure where to post this so apologies if I've got it wrong.

I've been thinking of doing both of the above, does anyone have any experience or feedback for either?

Jul 15th '14 14:54 PM
I did actiderm wraps and I returned the product after 1 use as dissatisfied :|
Jul 15th '14 17:12 PM
I've seen these products on the market but so many mixed reviews. What is a DIY wrap?
Jul 17th '14 09:40 AM
The DIY wraps are 3 cups epson salts, 1 cup aloe Vera gel 1 cup hot water, a few drops eucalyptus oil and 4/5 vitamin e capsules all mixed together until everything's dissolved, you then soak elastic bandages in the mix and wrap the bits you want to target, leave it on for an hour and apparently it dissolves the toxins.
You can buy all the stuff on eBay for around 10 and have enough to wrap your whole body.