Do you do the lottery?

Jun 27th '13 11:52 AM
Who does the lottery? 160 million on the last Euro You'd have a hard job spending it all

What's the most you've ever won?

I have 1 in my national lottery account. First 7 replies also leave a number from 1 - 50.
If it wins I'll split it with anyone that replies before 7.30pm on Friday (even just a smiley )

My number: 1
Jun 27th '13 12:03 PM
i think most i won was 10 euros ! lol

number 8 ! please
Jun 27th '13 12:45 PM
I'll have 23 please I won about 80quid once! I only tend to play when it's a big one! Someone on pf won some big money a few weeks ago, lucky sod!
Jun 27th '13 17:53 PM

I gave up because we did the same numbers when I put it on and the weeks I don't you don't DOH!
Jun 27th '13 21:26 PM

I don't do the lottery often, OH does, never won much on that but we have had 1,800 from a 1 accumulator at the bookies
Jun 28th '13 16:59 PM
Come on, only got 4 numbers for tonight
Jun 28th '13 17:02 PM
If I suggest more will I get a bigger share?!
Jun 28th '13 18:50 PM
If you get an extra 3 people to sign up and post I'll give you an extra quid
Jun 28th '13 19:19 PM
Gemma looked and didn't pick a number ...slap her?

*this is where tagging would be useful
Jun 28th '13 19:24 PM
anyone? 3 more numbers...


^^ ok 2 more from anyone