Where Do You Get Your Food Shop?

Jun 27th '13 22:32 PM
I used to literally live next door to morrisons so knew it like the back of my hand, then I moved, didn't go for a while and when I went back they'd changed it! I forgot about half the things that week
Jul 2nd '13 14:01 PM
We get most of our shopping from Aldi, although we usually stop by Asda to get any things that Aldi don't stock - such as my favourite brand of cider!
Jul 2nd '13 14:18 PM
I shop at Sainsburys most of the time. Love that they give you a voucher back if your shopping would have been cheaper elsewhere
Jul 5th '13 17:24 PM
Asda here but aldi for bits and bobs. Their salmon fillets are lovely and only 3
Jul 5th '13 17:29 PM
Always gone to morrison's for the weekly shops but top up bits is Asda. We both agreed we prefer Asda so going to start shopping there more I think x
Jul 17th '13 19:43 PM
I get Ocado delivered and pick bits up from Tesco & Asda.