Has anyone found certain foods don't agree with them anymore?!

Jun 24th '13 13:33 PM
I'm suffering I had some onion rings at the pub yesterday and I still feel bloody sick! They've always been my favourite food, I craved them really badly with my first and would literally eat bags of them at a time *blush* but the grease was obviously too much for me and I spent all yesterday afternoon feeling sick/bloated and they were repeating constantly. And I'm still feeling really sicky today, even peppermint tea hasn't helped! Granted the dominos garlic bread last night won't have helped, but still!

Has anyone else found things that dont agree with them now? I ate loads of chips and whatnot on holiday, but didn't have this effect, although that said they did affect me in a different way
Jun 24th '13 14:20 PM
I love pizza but can't eat it too much because it kills my stomach (I eat every now n then but the pain is worth it ).

Had an intolerance to wheat for a while but more white bread and pastry. Dunno if they've change the way they manufacture things but know load of people that have never had any issues who all of a sudden find that things don't agree with them.

I think as long as the wheat in lasagne don't affect me (which it doesn't at the mo) then I'll be fine... may have to top myself if it does (all time favorite food!)
Jun 24th '13 15:39 PM
my OH loves lasagne but can't eat mine cos it really doesn't agree with him!

I agree though, they're definitely changing something cos the amount of people with wheat intolerances has gone mad! My mum had to cut bread out last year cos it started making her really poorly when she'd had no problems in the past!
Jun 25th '13 15:39 PM
I'm like this with a lot of carbs now, they just bloat me up and if I have chippy chips I'm in agony for the rest of the night. Doesn't stop me though

Jun 25th '13 17:36 PM
I love chippy chips! OHs on at me that we need a fryer, but so far I'm resisting!
Jun 26th '13 19:37 PM
I've got guts of steel lol, nothing disagree's with me, even when stuff has made others poorly I've been fine!! It's got to be really bad to upset my tummy
Jun 26th '13 20:28 PM
Pizza and yer things like onions rings from a restaurant would probably turn me because they are cooked in grease.