Where is everyone today?!

Jun 22nd '13 17:44 PM
It's well quiet on here! I've ended up stuck in with the kids all afternoon!
Jun 22nd '13 20:49 PM
I've had a massive busy day, completed gutted the 2 little kids bedrooms It took me 6 hours to do both
Jun 22nd '13 21:07 PM
I've been packing..... Again!

Currently lying in the bath with a diet coke and the kleeneze mag!
Jun 22nd '13 21:33 PM
Bloody hell M, that sounds a right mission *faint*

How's the packing going kel?

I'm having a naughty night, pizza and wine! Having a mini crisis about turning 25 next month! I still think I'm about 19 and it's suddenly dawned on me that I'm not a teenager any more!
Jun 22nd '13 22:11 PM
It's going ok, just bloody boring now! And Charlie likes to help, when I say help I mean take things out the box and repeatedly say, hmmmm what this? Then leave it on the floor!

I had a wobble in April when I turned 25 my early twenties have just flown by, I'll be putting a order in for a mobility scooter in no time.
Jun 22nd '13 22:17 PM
I couldn't imagine packing with a little one around, luckily when we moved I could keep them on the other side of the stair gate!

OH thinks I'm being ridiculous cos he's older than me, but it really does feel like a big deal! Up to 25 is kinda teenage, but now my teenage years are well gone!
Jun 22nd '13 22:21 PM
I moved when Brooke was Charlie's age, but I don't remember her being as 'helpful'
I've 75% packed downstairs, upstairs shouldn't take as long as its mostly just clothes (she says).
Jun 22nd '13 22:24 PM
I've been out looking at bloody cars all afternoon ... And it wasn't even for me lol!!

Least I got an Indian takeaway out of it for being out haha, just means a big gym session early in the morning
Jun 22nd '13 22:57 PM
Ks never been as "helpful" as E, she'd rather be sat on her arse I found the kitchen hardest to pack up, there was just never ending stuff!

I love car shopping! I get dead into looking at why some are cheaper than others even if they're newer ad all that! We went to the Audi garage for s bit of car porn recently, they were well nice!
Jun 22nd '13 23:02 PM
Think I better get out the bath, been in here 2 hours I'm all wrinkly