I'm badly injured :(

Apr 23rd '14 18:12 PM
Gutted I don't even know what I did, but I'm on crutches! I was out running, miles away from home as my car was being MOTd, so thought I'd go for a run whilst it was in the garage. I'd had the best run in ages, had run for about 30mins solid, got back to the main road and decided to go the opposite way to push myself a bit further - big mistake. After another 5/10 minutes, I crossed the road at the traffic lights and when I started running again pain just tore thru me!

At first I thought it was cramp and I could walk it off, but realised I couldn't even walk my dad took me to a&e and I had to get a wheelchair in! All the time wearing a luminous pink running coat honestly the pain was worse than child birth

They're still not sure what I've done to it, they think it's soft tissue damage, possibly of the abductors or something? The pain's in my tendon in my groin and all thru my hip/bum. It could also be a stress fracture, but they can't see them on x rays til they start healing apparently.

So I'm on crutches until the pain goes down and not allowed to weight bear! It could be days, weeks or even months! If it's not any better in 10 days I'm to go back! I'm in a LOT of pain for now though!
Apr 23rd '14 23:27 PM
Goodness Hun was sorry to hear this today! How have you got on this evening? x
Apr 24th '14 08:16 AM
It's feeling loads better this morning, I plonked myself on the sofa last night and didn't move til bedtime! I've put myself on bed rest, but I'm bored already it seems to be ok if I don't do anything, but the pain comes back really quickly if I do too much? Luckily my parents have had the kids for me!

Was reading up on adductor injuries last night, it said for grade 3 strains, which is what it looks like from my symptoms, it could take 12 weeks to heal
Apr 24th '14 08:30 AM
Great you had some help with girls.

Wondering how you will definitely know what grade it is or is this dependant on how you feel at day 10?

Blimey Hun :| x
Apr 24th '14 09:06 AM
You poor thing take good care of yourself and rest xxxxxxxc
Apr 24th '14 09:08 AM
If it's up to the NHS I'll probably never know if I'm no better in 10 days I'm to go back so they can re-xray and possibly refer for physio, but if needs be I'll sort my own physio sooner! I know a very high level sports physio, so I'll try and persuade him to take a look if it's not better by next week!

Reading a bit more this morning, it seems grade3 is really unlikely as that's a full muscle rupture but the symptoms are very similar with me not being able to weight bear or anything! I can take a little weight on it this morning, but am making sure to only do that to steady myself if needs be!
Apr 24th '14 09:12 AM
Thanks M!

Is it wrong I'm panicking about weight gain whilst I'm out of action? I've worked so hard to get here and now I'm kinda screwed! I usually am always on the go doing housework and sorting the kids, but I can't do anything! Crap!
Apr 24th '14 11:09 AM
Oh no! So sorry to hear this I hope you're feeling better soon xx
Apr 24th '14 13:58 PM
That sounds absolutely horrible. Is there anything you can do for the pain? Maybe some ice or a heating pad? It doesn't sound like they gave you any indication of what the actual problem is yet. I feel really bad for you. I hope it heals quickly.
Apr 24th '14 16:46 PM
Maybe grade 2? Take it easy.

It's not wrong you're thinking about your progress and worried to undo such hard work... You should be fine if you stay away from too many temptations for comfort x