Snow, snow, snow!

Jan 30th '14 02:42 AM
We just got our first snow of the year here! Quite unusual where I live--we normally get ice storms or sleet instead of snow. It'll likely be gone tomorrow. How are the rest of you faring the storms this week?
Jan 30th '14 17:27 PM
Yeah, we had a few inches and of course the roads were a complete mess. Everyone got out of work and school at the same time creating a huge cluster of nothing but traffic! Still like looking at the snow, but lucky I didn't have to drive in it.
Jan 31st '14 00:26 AM
We had a really small flurry last week and nothing since! The kids are desperate for some proper snow!
Jan 31st '14 13:23 PM
We have snow every week here in the winter. Our problem this week was the cold. I don't think temps reached over 10 most days! Today when I went outside (6:30am) it was already 30 degrees! We will be sledding this weekend.
Jan 31st '14 14:08 PM
We got some snow here in Georgia for the first time in several years and it caused a lot of problems. The roads iced over in Atlanta and a lot of people were stranded in their car for about 20-25 hours. One woman even had to give birth in her car because the ambulance couldn't get to her. We're supposed to get snow again next weekend so hopefully things don't wind up as bad as they did this time.
Feb 3rd '14 11:13 AM
We haven't had any snow here yet. We usually get some snow between February and March though, so it might be coming soon!