Jan 21st '14 13:12 PM
We know we are all here sharing the want to lose weight but what are your enjoyed hobbies?

I like to read, swim and play on the wii, is that a hobby? :lol; I enjoy it anyway!

Jan 21st '14 14:27 PM
I like aromatheraphy and reflexology. I've been doing short courses within the kids school but it mainly ends up being a gossiping session

Love watching soaps/big brother etc
Jan 21st '14 14:48 PM
I like arts and crafts like painting and making beaded jewelry. I also like to read, watch movies, listen to music, and window shop online. I love browsing in dusty antique stores and I collect cobalt blue glass.
Jan 21st '14 16:10 PM
I like music, movies, hiking, making some music, football, and finding new recipes to try.

I also like researching things by being a search monkey. I can go through Google, Bing, Yahoo like a mad man!
Jan 21st '14 16:15 PM

Jan 21st '14 21:31 PM
I like music, movies, BBQs (with friends), arts and crafts (just don't do it enough) and although started as part of dieting and losing weight the gym seems to becoming apart of what I enjoy!
Jan 22nd '14 18:56 PM
Cooking, baking, reading, knitting, sewing and recently just started to teach myself crochet
Jan 22nd '14 19:51 PM
I like penpalling, watching TV, reading and dog walking. Apart from that I spend too much time on forums!
Jan 27th '14 20:01 PM
Having a penpal sounds interesting. How did you start that Bevziibubble?
Jan 31st '14 09:42 AM
I love sewing, dont get enough chance to do it though! And I love reading, but only true to life type stories, mainly about nurses/midwives decades ago!

Bevz me and OH were talking about penpals a few weeks back, I've always wanted one! The only one I ever had was my French exchange partner and it didn't really have the same appeal when writing in another language