Not To Look If Struggling... What Food Do You Miss?

Jun 11th '13 22:21 PM
Real salted butter on crispy skin jacket potatoes or roast potatoes
Crispy bacon sandwiches (not cooked healthily )
Homemade lasagne with loads of cheese served with deep fried chips
Peanut butter kit kats
Fresh raspberry turnovers from Sainsburys
Fresh cheese twists from Sainsburys

Since starting my diet I have had a couple of things but not more than what I could count on one hand ... I've defo not had an unhealthily fried bacon sandwich, bought any butter or made a lasagne like I use to.

I actually cooked bacon the unhealthy way the other day for my OH (lunch sandwiches) ... it smelt sooooo good and the temptation was very much there and I didn't cave
Jun 12th '13 11:05 AM
Potatoes in any form .. I still have them but not cooked how I normally would!!

Fat coke, didn't drink it much anyway but loved it

Crisps, oh how I love crisps lol
Jun 12th '13 13:09 PM
Having a can of vimto.
Jun 12th '13 15:24 PM
Belle I kicked off if I didn't have fat coke with my vodka... Now I just couldn't certainly not more than 1 for a sugar kick lol
Jun 12th '13 17:09 PM
It gives me a proper dry hangover mouth the next day even if I drink it without vodka lol

I miss cakes too, mmmmm, tea and cake
Jun 12th '13 17:40 PM
I love hot fudge cake from Sainsburys *drool*
Jun 12th '13 18:04 PM
I'm the same with spuds - I'm trying to learn portion control (for some reason I just don't know how to? Maybe down to me bingeing and not knowing when to stop eating) and we used to have them roasted in olive oil with garlic with most meals, and I'd really pile them on *drool* but now I have a small jacket potato just so I can keep tabs on how much I have.

I really could eat them til they come out of my ears!
Jun 12th '13 20:21 PM
Cakes!!! Every now and then i just need a cupcake
Jun 12th '13 20:55 PM
I'd love one of Hevz tasty treats cupcakes NOM!
Jun 12th '13 20:59 PM
Ok are you ready....

Full fat coke
Proper Indian takeaway
Chicken chow mien
Pizza with garlic and herb dip

I think that's about it! Lol