Bloat issues

Dec 4th '13 17:19 PM
I am not sure if it is just normal bloating or what but something is going on with me. I still weigh close to the same as my target weight but I feel really bloated lately. It is not related to the monthly (I don't get that). Could a digestion problem be it? It seems to have gotten worse over the years since I started to drop weight.
Dec 4th '13 17:29 PM
Did you change your diet when you started to lose weight? I know when I changed my diet and ate healthier I noticed a major change in how my body handled food. I was bloated often!
Dec 5th '13 15:12 PM
Not really. At this point I pretty much eat what I want but I am just eating better and not as much. I can not tell exactly what is going on and think I might schedule a visit to the doctor. Maybe all of the changes over the past few years are catching up with me.
Dec 5th '13 15:32 PM
Does it feel more like an intestinal/stomach issue or a retaining water type bloat? Do you notice any extra swelling in your feet or ankles too?

It could be food related but it also could be any number of different things so, you're right, scheduling a doctor visit would be the best thing to do to get answers.
Dec 5th '13 15:48 PM
One thing I noticed when I eat less is that I get more bloated because my stomach is not used to not being fed. So, then as I eat I'll feel the food more. Switching from 3 meals a day to 2 meals with a snack did this to me. Let us know how you make out.
Dec 19th '13 15:20 PM
I am going to check with my doctor after the 1st of the month. I need to check about something else anyway and this might actually tie into it. The other day I ate what I thought was a sensible meal and after about an hour I looked like I was a few months pregnant.