How do you keep well groomed and looking presentable?!

Dec 3rd '13 20:28 PM
I seem to always look like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards when I'm going out at night, I scrub up ok, but day to day is a different matter!

I'm quite lazy in that my skin care routine is face scrub and baby wipes, I've always had bad skin and nothings never seemed to work! Hair wise, I've got long thick hair and usually just dry it and scrape it back and make up wise, I tend to just throw on some eyeliner and mascara.

My hair needs washing every morning, so I can't do it the night before! Am I going to have to start getting up at silly o'clock?!
Dec 3rd '13 20:57 PM
I have to get up at "silly o'clock" every morning, as you put it (I love that, by the way!) because I workout everyday and there's no sense in showering twice a day, so I workout and shower before going anywhere (including work). I hate how long it takes to get everything done but what else can you do?
Dec 3rd '13 21:44 PM
Ugh I knew gettin up early was going to be the answer! I get up between 7 and 7.30 now and even with a very minimal beautifying routine it's still a struggle to get out the door with the kids by 8.40! I just really hate mornings!
Dec 4th '13 10:52 AM
It's times like this that I'm glad I'm a bloke Never understood the whole day to day regiments girls go through. Isn't it as easy as having a shower and blow drying your hair, brush on some makeup powder? That's like 10 mins for the shower, 15 mins to dry hair and 10 mins to put makeup on?

Do you have kids? Are they old enough to dress and breakfast themselves?
Dec 4th '13 11:11 AM
My OH just rolls out of bed, does his hair and teeth and is set to go, so annoying

Shower's usually 10 mins, but hair drying takes forever for me and I can't wear it down unless it's straightened! And make up seems to take forever if I do it properly!

2 kids, they *should* be able to get themselves ready, but very rarely do, which is an additional 20odd minutes of flapping and faffing!

I do think getting up earlier is probably the key, also spending less time drinking coffee and smoking would help, but I need a coffee and a couple of fags before I'm ready to face the day! I have made an effort today, although make up went on after the school run - better than nothing I suppose though
Dec 4th '13 11:21 AM
I don't really have a skin care routine as such. I have a shower every day. I love showers. I need to make the effort to straighten my hair more as it looks much nicer down, but it's just so much easier to scrape it back in a ponytail. Are usually put some make-up on if I'm going out.
Dec 4th '13 11:29 AM
It all just seems to take so much time! I think I'm just really lazy
Dec 4th '13 11:32 AM
I am very lazy too! It just takes too much time, doesn't it!
Jun 3rd '17 12:31 PM
Living in a humid and hot country it's impossible to look your best all day long. I have very thick hair which takes a lifetime to dry even with a hairdryer. The minute you go outside, it's like stepping into a sauna so what's the bloody point lol. As for makeup, it just slides of your mush! So it's a case of mascara ( waterproof ) and a bit of lippy. I think as long as you are clean, tidy through the the day, then make a real effort on a night out etc I don't see a problem... Life's way too short to try to look emaculate all day every day 💅🏻 💄
Jun 4th '17 20:51 PM
Where do you live jools? I struggle when i go on holiday to hot places i hate the feeling of wearing lots of make up when its ho.

Im pretty bad for this i do try hard to keep myself looking okay and i wewr makeup most days but its not something that comes naturally to me and i dont feel like ivw always got the time