How do you keep well groomed and looking presentable?!

Jun 5th '17 02:43 AM
Hi linzi I live in Malaysia. It's very humid most days as well as being very hot. I very rarely wear foundation because it just doesn't stay put. Because I've got a tan I just use a shimmer powder on my face, mascara and a lip gloss when I'm on a night out.
Jul 25th '17 19:42 PM
I keep my hair short, so wash, air dry and then apply a bit of hairspray to keep it in shape. Prefer shower so can wash hair, shave legs and the rest!!

Make-up is a no no as I also live in a hot climate. Foundation will run off my face before I am out of the door. So it is just some eyeliner and/or mascara and lipstick. Some days nothing at all just a bit of fruity, shiny lip balm.