Soaked but what a game!

Nov 17th '13 22:56 PM
We are driving home from the Steelers game. Wow! What a game. Finally looking like my old Steelers! Anyone a fan of the Steelers? If not who is your team?
Nov 17th '13 23:31 PM
I'm from the UK but when I was at university my house mate was (and still is) a massive Vikings fan and he got me in to watching American football. I chose the Steelers as my team so we could have a bit of banter when watching Don't watch many games anymore but was meant to see the Vikings/Steelers match a couple of months ago when they came over to play at Wembley. Didn't end up happening though
Nov 18th '13 11:57 AM
Glad you had a great time despite getting soaked!
Nov 18th '13 17:14 PM
Sounds fun, great you had a good weekend