Christmas music ALREADY

Nov 3rd '13 14:17 PM
I am going to boycott any stores that begin the push for Christmas sales this soon. A lot of places have already set up displays for lighting and trees, which I can understand, because people want to have those several weeks prior to the holiday, but do they really need to bombard us with Christmas music already? That annoyed me so much that I am not going back there. I don't mean to be a Scrooge, but... I feel it's all an emotional play to get us to open those wallets and spend, spend, spend. Bah humbug!
Nov 3rd '13 14:24 PM
I agree Jeans. There were several stores in my area that began to put out Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas at the same time in early September. Christmas especially has just become too commercialized. I'll shop on line this year and avoid all the hoopla at the stores.
Nov 3rd '13 16:08 PM
The shops here started putting out Xmas stuff before the kids went back to school in September! I love Xmas music, but I do think it's too early in the year to have it in shops! I may already be walking round the house singing things though
Nov 3rd '13 17:35 PM
Christmas music already is just a little too far ...
Nov 3rd '13 21:27 PM
I love it
Nov 4th '13 20:59 PM
Quote by Mamafy:
I love it
Me too
Nov 4th '13 21:52 PM

Nov 6th '13 17:18 PM
I actually love it
Nov 7th '13 02:44 AM
Right after Halloween, I'm kind of grumpy about it. I don't get into the Christmas mood until the week of Thanksgiving. Our family had a tradition of putting the tree up after Thanksgiving dinner so we could stick stuff under it the next day.

Getting up early for Black Friday is kind of on the outs, though. Much easier to shop online instead!
Nov 7th '13 11:31 AM
I dont start anything Xmas related til the start of December cos one of the small people's birthdays is right at the end of nov! Although the threat of father Xmas watching may have been in use for a while now

Growing up I knew someone who would put their Xmas decs up on Halloween they didn't believe in Halloween so whilst everyone else had pumpkins out, they had giant santas ad everything