Post something random about yourself

Nov 24th '15 22:11 PM
I once went on holiday to Spain and ended up living there for 2 years

Post absolutely anything about youself
Nov 24th '15 22:34 PM
I've lived in 3 out of 4 Countries in the UK... only Ireland to go!
Nov 25th '15 09:31 AM
I got my first class honours degree aged 39
Nov 26th '15 07:14 AM
I have 7 geese, 7 turkeys, 5 ducks, 7 guinea fowl, 18 chickens, 2 cockerels, 2 cats and 3 dogs! Oh, and mice in the attic.
Nov 26th '15 14:56 PM
I gave birth to my niece! (surrogate for my sister and brother in law)
Dec 14th '15 13:29 PM
I had an imaginary friend called Robert until I was about 9
Jan 12th '16 14:42 PM
i have saved someones life doing cpr
Feb 29th '16 01:54 AM
I love tea!
Mar 22nd '16 19:20 PM
coffee gives me migraines so only have decaff once in a while
Jun 8th '16 11:43 AM
Emaline 30
I took GCSE in English and maths and an "O" level in accountancy when I was 54