Post something random about yourself

Oct 10th '16 01:06 AM
Emaline 30
I'm not a very huggy kind of person and find it difficult to get friendly with anyone
Jan 2nd '17 09:33 AM
I worked all over Christmas
Jan 11th '17 20:49 PM
Emaline 30
I'm now over a stone heavier than I was last August!
Feb 22nd '17 20:45 PM
I quite like folk music.
Mar 16th '17 13:50 PM
I get extremely anxious when I don't know what the plans are ... I always have to know the 'plan'. Like when I go and see my bestie in NI I always have to know what the plans are each day. Drives her mad.
Aug 25th '18 12:11 PM
I never thought that i would have given up smoking.