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More hungry now than before i started

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Apr 14th '18, 20:09 PM  
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more hungry now than before i started

Hi All,

I have been on SW for two weeks now and although i am eating healthy and when eating when im hungry i feel more hungry and feel like im eating more than i should be. Will this feeling of hunger stop? Ill admit im a little confused by it all and have done my food diary. i eat a lot of chicken and fish both with probably half a plate of veg. where am i going wrong.

Ive not lost any weight yet.

Apr 14th '18, 22:22 PM  
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Are you able to write everything what you drink and eat? Everything! And we can help you to see where is the problem. If you feel hungry... maybe try to eat more? More of good food. But it would help us to help you if we could see exactly what you eat and drink
Apr 17th '18, 12:18 PM  
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Post your food diaries on here. If you post a few more times on other threads you should be able to upload pictures if that is easier.

Some key points:
- drink plenty of water. It's surprising how much drinking 2 litres of water can help with your losses
- make sure you've got 1/3 speed food on your plate with as many meals as possible, in particular lunch & tea. Breakfast isn't always as straightforward, not everyone eats it (I don't) but if you do, make sure you've got your 1/3 speed there too
- make sure you measure your non free foods, including any healthy extras. Guessing the weight of something is more than likely going to add syns.
- make sure you write everything down and syn accordingly, and use a minimum of 5 syns per day. You don't have to use all 15 everyday if you don't want to, but use some at least. It's easy to think that by not using them you'll lose weight quicker, but it's not true. It may work for 1 week, but the following week you're more likely to see a gain, or a maintain at least.
- try to get 1/3 of protein on your plate at all times.
- measure your pasta/rice/potatoes. As much as they are free foods, I am a firm believer that they should be eaten in moderation. I only have one of the above in each day usually. It's rare I have pasta and rice on the same day.
- feel free to snack on fruit during the day, but just be mindful that as much as the majority of fruit is a speed food, there is such a thing as eating too much. It's still got sugars in it, and too much of it may impact your weight loss.
Apr 26th '18, 10:40 AM  
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Welcome to Social Slimmers

Like the girls have said if you can post you food diary for the last 3-4 days and water intake that would help.

I find going from laid back to a routine of food you are hungrier at the start ... you do adapt but to be sure you have a good mix of filling foods maybe start a journal so we can have a look. I'm just assuming you drink a lot of water but if you don't you should
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