3 meals a day

Feb 18th '18 22:45 PM

Im kirsty, 31 ; from glasgow! Started slimming world from home on wednesday (valentines day, no idea why!) Feel like so far i can stick to plan pretty easily but im struggling a bit to do brekky, lunch & dinner every day. Ive never been a huge eater, i just need to choose what i eat more wisely rather than not eat til 12pm & too many takeaways for dinner! I'm 5ft & 9,4 so only looking to lose about a stone, will skipping meals go against me if im just not hungry? Sw portion sizes from recipes are also huge & can leave me feeling bloated
Feb 20th '18 13:53 PM
Hello! Welcome!
Yes the portions are huge. Theyíre designed to keep people feeling full and satisfied. However, feel free to reduce how much you actually eat if youíre eating too much. I do. Thereís tons of recipes that say itís for 4 portions but I easily break it down to 6 or more.
Regarding the 3 meals a day, if you donít usually have breakfast, donít force it. I know lots of people who donít have breakfast, myself included. I tend to snack on fruit or hifi bars mid morning and eat my lunch around 1pm.
Skipping meals is different to not eating breakfast. Skipping meals would mean not eating a meal you normally would eat. If that makes sense? Stick to eating lunch and dinner, make the right choices and youíll lose what you want to
Just make sure thereís 1/3 of a plate of speed food with each meal

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Feb 20th '18 14:45 PM
Hi Kirsty

Welcome to Social Slimmers

Changing your food habits can be the biggest battle. I was the same ... I skipped breakfast and ate conveniently. I found I ate more conveniently which wasn't the best choice because I was hungry. I now eat breakfast and more times than not have the patience to have other meals. Sometimes it's just a simple banana and protein shake (shake because I workout). Over night oats is a good one to have to hand .. however if I'm not hungry I don't eat and have those days too, skipping meals shouldn't do you any harm as long as you are on plan for the rest of the day.

Portion size is optional. One of my rules is eat until 80% full (a tip from my coach) and it works. I hate bloat feeling too. Portion sizes are average.

Feb 20th '18 17:53 PM
Thank you! Ive followed a 7 day meal plan & not had lunch 2 of the days. If i have 3 meals i tend not to snack but if i miss breakfast or lunch i just snack. Seems to be working though, as of today i've lost 3lbs, yay! Had to weigh a day early as use work scales & only work mon tues! Going to use up some spare syns today & sort a new meal plab for the next week & hope i get the same results! Chuffed!
Feb 20th '18 20:12 PM
Hi and welcome to Social Slimmers!
Well done on the weight loss, that's great!

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Feb 22nd '18 16:21 PM
Awesome drop, well done
Feb 22nd '18 19:32 PM
Welcome to the forums. Look into garcinia. It helps suppress appetite.
Mar 24th '18 19:04 PM
How are you getting on Kirsty?

Mar 24th '18 19:48 PM
Doing great thank u! Weigh days not til tues but lost over half a stone so far 😊. Thats with a few days away indulging in paris & few meals out for hubbys birthday & our anniversary. Actually really enjoying it too, i thought it'd be alot harder doing it 1st time on my own but once you're used to how it works it changes your outlook on everything x