New SW online member - desperate for support!

Mar 16th '17 05:43 AM
Hi everyone,
I'm Fi, I'm 31 and new to SW last week - I signed up online because I can't get to meetings on a regular basis.

I work variable shifts, which is why I really need some extra help and support (and also why I'm posting this at 4.45am!) because I'm already finding it hard to stay on track with the pressures of the job/stress/irregular hours.

I'll post in the rest of the forums but what I desperately need is someone to be accountable to! Hopefully I can find that here and be a source of support to others too. Looking forward to getting to know everyone! xxx
Mar 16th '17 09:48 AM
Hi Fi. I have found this forum invaluable in my quest to lose weight. I also did SW online due to shift work so I post my journal here for help and support. I lost 2st 9lb in total but have put 5lb back on recently so I'm back on SW again to get back to target. See you around!
Mar 16th '17 19:33 PM
Hi and welcome to Social Slimmers! Good luck

Mar 18th '17 12:38 PM
Welcome Fi!
Best of luck with SW, there's tons of useful info on here
May 3rd '17 12:57 PM
Hi Fi

How you getting on?