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Jan 13th '17, 23:36 PM  
Socially Shy
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New and lost

Hi everyone. Just though I would do a post to introduce myself abit.
9 months ago I quit smoking yes I feel alot better health wise but not weight wise. I've gone up nearly 2 sizes 😭.
1 am between a 14/16 now. Family that I have spoke to look at me and say oh you don't need to lose weight your fine how you are but I know I'm not really.
I hate how I look and need someone by my side that can help me get to where I want to be.
Sorry for the boring introduction. Hope I get to speak to some of you soon 😉
Jan 14th '17, 06:40 AM  
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Hi Laura

Welcome to the group, everyone is very supportive here so I am certain you will get some encouragement getting to where you want to be. Huge congratulations on quitting smoking that's fantastic. Sorry that you have had some gain as a result but I am sure you can get back to the size you were before. Do you know what kind of plan you want to do? I think there are people following a range of weight loss ways on here. Some with the Slimming World /Weight Watchers type, others doing clean eating with exercise or calorie counting. Afraid I don't know much except for SW personally but am sure there'll be something that suits you out there

Hope you have a brilliant weekend

Jan 14th '17, 10:26 AM  
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Hi Laura, welcome to the forum. I quit smoking 3½ years ago and it's the best thing I ever did. Yes I put on weight but I've lost it again. We're all here to support and encourage you
Jan 14th '17, 12:13 PM  
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Hi laura and welcome to Social Slimmers! You will find lots of support here
Good luck!
Jan 14th '17, 15:40 PM  
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New and lost

Welcome to social slimmers!
I think a few of us are in the same boat here, I too quit smoking and put on loads of weight afterwards.

Best of luck, whichever plan you decide to follow

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Jan 15th '17, 23:05 PM  
Socially Shy
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Thanks for your replies.
I have no idea what plan I am going to do I have never been on a diet before so I am completely clueless to it all especially with all the calorie counting and other things.
I hope I just don't give up on it but if I set my mind to it I should be ok 😕
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