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Mar 12th '18, 08:12 AM  
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Hi there, sorry for you. It feels very bad when someone points on your personal looks. According to me instead of being depressed, you need to show him that you are the best. First, you need to overcome your depression. I have heard that there are professionals who are expert in curing depression and motivate you to set your goals and to achieve them positive.
Mar 12th '18, 13:07 PM  
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Apr 15th '18, 20:09 PM  
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I think you should go to the doctors if you had suicidal thoughts. However, thoroughly research any medication they give you before taking it as it can sometimes make it worse.

I have been through this as well. I found supplements such as 5-HTP, St Johns Wort and L-Tyrosine to be a massive help.
Apr 15th '18, 22:12 PM  
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Quote by Wobbles View Post
Hi Kelly,

Firstly I'm sure your husband loves you very much, how we often feel about ourselves does not reflect how other people see you. Have you spoke to your husband about how you are feeling?

What matters is that you are comfortable with your body not anyone else and if you would like to make changes go grab them with determination FOR YOU.

Accept yourself now that's your biggest step or it can be a long journey.
Think positive about who you are and the changes you want to make.
Make them happen.
Don't go for the kill, create small goals.
In the end when it sinks in you will just feel good about yourself as you reach those mini goals regardless.... for me it wasn't just about losing 4.5 stone it was the mental buzz I got from reaching those mini goals. I stopped feeling depressed and started feeling in control, I was succeeding, I was doing something for me.

Welcome to the forum. I hope you stick around and find the support you need, you aren't alone
You are so good with words ❤️
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