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Dec 15th '16, 10:14 AM  
Socially Shy
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Morning everyone!

Hi! I'm Donna and I'm a total newbie when it comes to posting on here. I thought I'd share some things about myself so I'm not a complete stranger.

I'm a mum to 2 teenagers who occasionally drive me up the wall, but who are the light of my life...no shocker there!
I enjoy baking, reading (especially history or baking books, and sometimes combine the two) and socialising. Favourite time of the year is Xmas (I'm basically just a big kid at heart).
Like so many others, I've probably tried most diet plans and the one that I had the most success in, was Rosemary Conley... I lost just over 2st, but ended up putting even more back on! My body must be weird because apart from that 2st loss, I managed to lose more weight whilst I was pregnant and didn't put any weight on at all. But after both pregnancies, I put on another 4st, which cheesed me off.
Right now I am seriously considering going back to Slimming World and I'm hoping that this will be the time for me to lose my flab. I'm doing this not only for myself but also for my kids, because as sad as it may be, I've never had any photos taken with them, and of course I'd love to have at least one!

So, my return back to SW will probably start tomorrow, December 16th at 09:30; but I will admit that I'm quite nervous about the possibility of failing again. But I've got nothing to lose but my weight so I'm going to give it a damn good go!

I've got one, slight problem with SW, and that's quite a few of their recipes contain yogurt and cottage cheese etc, and those are things I can't stomach, so if there's anyone with any alternatives to these, I'd LOVE to hear about it!

Anyhoo, that's me!!
I'm looking forward to reading about you...
Take care and I hope that we can all find success and support from each other.
Dec 15th '16, 11:24 AM  
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Hi Donna! welcome to Social Slimmers

I love your determination and we're all scared of failure but all we can do is try to give it our best

I'm sure once you get back into the swing of things with SW, you'll be seeing those pounds just disappear

With regards to the recipes part, I don't like cottage cheese either, some of the yogurt/fromage frais ones aren't too bad IMO.
Personally, I just avoid those recipes. That might sounds daft, but if there's something in them I don't like that seems to be a major ingredient, I just don't make the recipe. I've never felt like I'm missing out on anything, and I've found tons of other recipes that I love. (I've been there 6 years, so that's a fair few recipes I avoid )
However, if the amount of yogurt is small, I'll at least try a recipe. If I'm not keen, I don't make it again
Dec 15th '16, 18:42 PM  
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Hi Donna and welcome to Social Slimmers!
Dec 28th '16, 22:57 PM  
Socially Shy
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Hi Donna. I hope you manage to lose a few stones. It's very important for you and your family that you stick around and healthy for many many years. Losing weight is the way to go. Good advise and support is also important. Let me know if you need some tips and advice on how to lose weight.
Dec 30th '16, 14:15 PM  
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Welcome Donna, and best of luck on your journey!
Jan 2nd '17, 09:24 AM  
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Hi Donna. Nice to meet you, and good luck
Jan 13th '17, 13:59 PM  
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hello and good to meet you
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