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Oct 24th '16, 20:43 PM  
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Hello Everyone :)

Hi there

It's great to be here (Last resort) and in need of lot of motivation and ideas on what to do next..

I currently weigh 109kg [17.2 Stone] Male

Aim is to shed 25Kg [4 Stone] and totally morally demotivated in life. I have tried so many things dieting (didn't work did worse actually) i did gym but lost motivation soon and have been here ever since.

Started something new meal replacement shakes twice a day from Slimfast today .. and whats highly demotivating is that in the morning my weight was 103.5kg and i had my meal replacement shake and went to university got back and weighed myself after like 8 hrs or so since the shake was the only thing i had since 8:30am and i was walking alot today and saw my weight had gone up 6kgs. and now i am 109kgs (In 8 hours) . i dont know if this is reality or an illusion to have seen this difference. I need help i am seriously demotivated in life and don't know what to do . I am only 18.

Any help will be appreciated.
Oct 24th '16, 22:57 PM  
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Hi there, and welcome to Social Slimmers!

It's great that you're taking steps to move towards a healthier version of you, and I know a few people that the shakes have worked for. I'm a Slimming World gal myself so won't be able to be too much help, but the support will be a given.

One thing I will say is please don't weigh yourself every day, and certainly not multiple times per day. Weigh yourself once a week, ideally at the same time and very ideally wearing the same clothes. That's the best way of getting an accurate reading, as your weight fluctuates throughout the week and especially over the course of one day. You're always at your lightest first thing in the morning.

The other thing I'm going to be very firm with you and say is that starving yourself DOES NOT WORK. If you deprive your body of its main source of fuel, it goes into survival mode and starts storing up every scrap of fat that it can so that it has reserves. You will never lose the weight you want to lose by starving yourself or denying yourself. If you want to lose the weight and keep it off for good, you need to make changes to your lifestyle and food habits that are realistic, achievable, and maintainable.

Best of luck, honey. This forum has been (and continues to be) a godsend for me, and we're all here for help and support.
Oct 25th '16, 01:08 AM  
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Hello Everyone :)

Welcome to social Slimmers!

It's great you want to make changes to be a healthier person that's why the rest of us are here too so you're in good company

I completely agree with everything kaybird says - just pick one time per week to weigh yourself. The worst thing we can do when trying to lose weight is weigh ourselves constantly. It starts to play on your mind all the time and you make the wrong kind of moves in the hope you'll lose weight when it actuality, it hinders your weight loss journey.

And the same with the starving yourself. Having one SF shake in 8 hours isn't enough to keep you losing weight. Make sure you either have the second shake at lunch time, or make lunchtime your main meal (picking the healthy meals obviously ) and then have the second shake as your tea.
I've heard several times over the years that your biggest meal of the day is best if it's not the last one of the day, so maybe that way of thinking may help you whilst out at uni?

As a general rule, any persons weight can vary up to 7lbs in a single day (I've tested this theory!) regardless of what you've eaten/drank.
Also, take your measurements too. It always helps for those times where the scales don't reflect the good effort you've made food-wise, but if you've been increasing exercise over time you'll lose the inches also. Seeing those reduce an your clothes starting to feel looser will help during your journey

Best of luck, and I look forward to following your journey on here!

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Oct 25th '16, 09:07 AM  
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Hi there Sunny1266. I can only echo what Sarah and Kay have said. Make healthier choices rather than starving. Keep drinking plenty of fluids. We're all here for support. It can be done!
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