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New, end of excuses

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Oct 14th '16, 20:29 PM  
Socially Shy
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New, end of excuses


I've finally decided I am done with excuses after seeing a photograph of myself I should of been proud of but ultimetly was horrified at (of which I'm sure we all have one of those photos )

I've had a shite 2 years well almost 3 years now which caused me to loose a lot of weight initially (I was never light until then) then put on all the weight and more afterwards. I'm going to explain it here as a last time of this is why I'm big because it's no longer acceptable and I have just over 4 stone to loose to get into the very edge of the healthy BMI.

So anyway it all started in 2014, I wasn't thin was classed as "Overweight" but I was more than happy with my body and looks etc. I got very ill and ended up needing brain surgery - thats when I lost all the weight, 58 days in hospital not particulary eating, certainly not eating well.

It was a long recovery but what throw us completly was I accidently got pregnant 4 months afterwards, now we were estatic as we had been told 5 years early (with failed IVF attempts) that we would never had kids. I was on crutches from 3 months however due to problems with my hips. Sadly my son made his silent way into the world in the December. The months that followed are a blur of grief and it took another 3 months to get off the crutches. As you can imagine the weight started to go on.

Another surprise pregnancy followed in the may, more nervous this time and very cautious throughout the pregnancy. Eating was much better to make sure everything was "right", we had a shock at 17 weeks when my waters broke. So I went on bed rest only getting up to use the toilet, and as you can imagine my weight soared! Amelia was born alive despite all the Drs predictions and she survived an amazing 2 hours 8 minutes.

So sorry for the long story but it is now off my chest and I can no longer use them as excuses. It is time for me to get back up and get my weight down. I don't know if I will try again to get pregnant but I have decided that I will look into it once I reach the "healthy" BMI status. The reason for this is because no reason was ever found for why I PPRomed both pregnancy's so there is nothing they can do to prevent it happening again. One area that is known for pregnancy's in general is that overweight/obese ladies are more at risk.
Oct 15th '16, 18:29 PM  
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My word, firstly, so sorry for everything you have been through. As odd as it may sound (and may not be the right thing to say, so sorry if it isn't!) but you've done so well to come through the other side of it.

There are a great bunch of people on here ready to advise and support everyone whenever you need it

Best of luck on your WL journey xx

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Oct 16th '16, 10:40 AM  
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Hi and welcome to Social Slimmers

It sounds like you've been through such a difficult time. Sarah is right you've done so well to come out the other side

Best of luck
Oct 16th '16, 20:42 PM  
SoSlim Addict
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Hello purpleshoes2. You have an incredibly sad story, which is not an excuse, but a genuine reason. I am very guilty of emotional eating but have never experienced anything as heart wrenching as you.
So good luck to you. We're all here for support, every step of the way, through good days and bad. You can do this!
Oct 17th '16, 00:23 AM  
Socially Shy
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Thank you so much for all of your support. I've had times over the last 12 months where I e recognised that I have got well overweight I do well for a day then end up massively over eating - the classic is that I'll have something I known is unhealthy then because I've been unhealthy i just won't bother paying attention to anything else. I'm hoping with slimming world it will change this as your allowed the set number of syns
Oct 17th '16, 09:06 AM  
SoSlim Rising Star
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Welcome to the forum, my lovely. I wish you every kindness and lots of peace, along with the best of luck on your journey. All of us here will do our very best to support you along the way!
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