Hello from the north east of England

Apr 21st '16 11:18 AM
Hello my name is Jo... Female. I am 59 and fat. I do not want to be doing this still in my 60s. I am booking a holiday for my 60th birthday in April 2017. I have a year to sort this. Every diet I have tried had worked, I just don't stick with it. I am lucky enough to have time to exercise and cook...... I just don't. I just want to be able to eat normally and ditch my food issue. Tired of logging, weighing and counting...... My biggest issue is constant snacking. I work percent night and have insomnia..... Had it from birth. Does not cause me issues with lack of sleep but gives me more time to snack in !!!.
Apr 21st '16 19:18 PM
Welcome Jo, nice to meet you
Apr 21st '16 20:17 PM
Hi Jo and welcome to Social Slimmers!

Sorry about the insomnia. That must be hard

A holiday is a great goal to aim for!

Apr 21st '16 20:27 PM
The insomnia is fine, doesn't bother me at all. I rarley get tired what bothers me is more time to snack. Thank you for your replies ladies x
Apr 22nd '16 05:37 AM
Hi Jo

Nice to have a target to aim for next year. I really hope you can find a plan that suits you and makes it all a bit easier. Lovely to meet you and the best of luck

Apr 23rd '16 20:19 PM
Hi Jo, welcome to Social Slimmers!

A holiday is a fantastic goal to aim for - and I'm sure you'll get to where you want to be

As much as I can't understand what the insomnia is like, I can understand the snacking when you've got free time, and that's one thing I'm trying to work on myself. I snack when I get bored, and I'm a little lazy when it comes to doing something to stop myself from snacking!

I also used to be the same when it came to cooking - I just didn't want to do it.
But since I've got into the habit of it, I am so much better when it comes to making a meal from scratch, plus they taste nicer and without excess oils and sugars

Good luck, and I look forward to following your journey!
Apr 25th '16 14:55 PM
Hi Jo!

Great reason to keep you going.

Are you following a plan now? Swapping out snacks for good snacks is a challenge but you can do it!

Welcome over to Social Slimmers