Hello I'm jessie

Apr 2nd '16 09:56 AM
I've read all your poists for months and I've screwed up my courage & joined you.
I'm disabled with rheumatoid arthritis so my mobility most days is none.
I really need to lose weight years ago I did the old Red & Green slimming world & enjoyed it, I can't afford to go to a group so find all your positive comments inspiring. I don't the optimiusing system for S/W so I'm doing my best on the old system. I'd really appreciate any tips our help with Syn values etc.
Thanks for listening
Apr 2nd '16 14:20 PM
Hi Jessie and welcome! We have a great SW section here with lots of lovely helpful members.
Best of luck on your journey!

Apr 2nd '16 17:00 PM
Oh hi, thanks very much I'm still trying to navigate around the site, I'm not very savvy with my iPad, but I'm learning.
Apr 2nd '16 21:22 PM
Hi Jessie, nice to meet you. I'm sure that, when you get the hang of things, you'll find the SW section really helpful. These lovely people gave me the inspiration to get to my target
Apr 3rd '16 08:16 AM
Hi Alicat, its lovely of you to take time to welcome me with support , I'm already finding all the great advice on here inspirational, I'm going to try the " crust less quiche " made with cottage cheese today, what a great idea. Congratulations on reaching your target too! I've a lot to lose so that's just the sort of motivation I need. I'm almost at the end of my first week, I'll be excited to see the scales, I really hope I've lost a pound or too. Fingers crossed. X
Apr 12th '16 11:55 AM
Hi Jessie!

Welcome to Social Slimmers.

Everyone on the SW boards are super helpful, hopefully you have found them by now. Need any help using the forum pop me a PM.