Feb 8th '16 02:54 AM
Hello everybody,
Not sure where to start..... I'm 42 years old and happily married, but been over weight most of my working life. Late last August I was 29.6 stone and something triggered in my mind saying time to diet, so far I've lost 6.6 stone. At the moment I do not have a goal weight, I'm still trying to decide what realistically that will be.
Feb 8th '16 08:06 AM
Hi Charlie, welcome to Social Slimmers. Congratulations on the weight lost so far.
Feb 8th '16 09:38 AM
Hi Charlie, welcome to the forum That's an amazing loss, keep going!
Feb 8th '16 09:42 AM
Thanks for the kind comments.
Feb 8th '16 11:36 AM
Hi Charlie Welcome!

Fantastic loss so far, that's brilliant! Well done
Feb 8th '16 14:12 PM
Hi Charlie and welcome to Social Slimmers! Well done on your fab weight loss!
Feb 9th '16 04:13 AM
Hi Charlie, welcome to the forum.

Well done on your weight loss so far, that's fantastic!
Feb 9th '16 09:04 AM
Thanks again for all the kind comments.

What would be a realistic target be for myself, I'm 42 years old, 195cm tall and as I say I've be overweight most of my working life.
Feb 9th '16 11:40 AM
I wouldn't have a clue what a realistic target would be in honesty, but I would suggest aiming for a helthy BMI range. That's what I did anyway! I looked at the BMI chart and picked a weight that was virtually in the middle of the healthy range. I've been there before so I know I can't go any lower than that weight, but I'd also be comfortable a little higher than that.
Feb 9th '16 15:50 PM
Hi Charlie, welcome to Social Slimmers and wow that is awesome, well done. I always set mini goals, it made it doable and each mini goal motivated me more and more.

Looking forward to your updates