Feb 1st '16 01:44 AM
Hi I'm Ammie
I am starting my diet tomorrow. I have done slimming world before and lost half a stone in my first 2 weeks so I am hoping for that to happen again! 😂
I am doing Route 66 for a month in September and I am taking my boyfriend on holiday in May and I really want to lose some weight so I feel more comfortable and confident.
I started a new job where I work mostly from home so it's hard not to nibble on junk throughout the day which has meant I have put quite a bit of weight on and then I went to Florida in November for just over 3 weeks and I put more weight on and with Christmas I couldn't be bothered to start a diet till now.
I really want to get down to 9stone for my holiday in September, I haven't weighed myself yet but I think it will mean a 3stone weight loss.
Do you think I will be able to loose 3 stone in 7 months on slimming world?

Hoping my first week will bring me good results and that I can resist the dark side that lives in the biscuit jar! 😆

Wish me luck!!
Feb 1st '16 03:21 AM
Hi Ammie, welcome to Social Slimmers.

It is definitely possible to lose 3stone in 7mths. I joined at the end of June last year, so just over 7mths ago and so far have lost 5st.

Good luck on your Slimming World journey.
Feb 1st '16 10:21 AM
Hi Ammie, welcome to the forum
Feb 1st '16 12:17 PM
Hi Ammie and welcome to Social Slimmers! That sounds like an achievable goal, good luck!
Feb 1st '16 13:40 PM
Hi and welcome Route 66 sounds such fun!!
Hope you get on well and look forward to sharing your journey.
Feb 1st '16 15:20 PM
Hi Ammie!

Welcome to Social Slimmers. It is definitely possible but it's good to have a goal ... you can do it

Feb 1st '16 19:32 PM
Thanks for all your welcoming messages 😀. I felt hungry today don't think I ate enough to be honest need to get in the swing of things. Was a little bit naughty and had a mini flap jack, to be fair I had a team meeting and sat there for 6 hours with lots of other goodies floating about so pretty pleased with myself that I stopped myself eating any more! I also drank a lot more water today, probably about 1.5 ltrs which is a lot better then normal!
Feb 4th '16 17:49 PM
Welcome Ammie

Route 66 is on my to do list of holidays! Just need the pennies lol

Good luck with your journey, and hopefully we'll see you in the SW pages